Chocolate Cake is Our Love Language

Rich chocolate, organic ingredients, creamy buttercream? Yes please.

Rich chocolate, organic ingredients, creamy buttercream? Yes please.

I get asked all the time what my favorite cake is. It’s a hazard of the business and it’s truly hard to say. Like choosing a favorite child, it really depends on the day. Chocolate cake however, is kind of beyond category isn’t it? It sort of transcends context and is something I’d like pretty much all of the time.

This past Sunday was National Chocolate cake day. Knowing I wanted to celebrate with a quick post, I started searching for a deep and poetic quote—maybe by someone like Edna Lewis, Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain or Shakespeare, but Trisha Yearwood kinda nailed it when she simply stated: “I'm not saying I don't enjoy the days that I'm not eating chocolate cake. But I do particularly like those days when I am eating chocolate cake.”

 We at Curtis & Cake couldn’t agree more. Every day is a good day to eat chocolate cake. Give us rich chocolate, organic ingredients like farm fresh local eggs and butter (lots of butter), a creamy buttercream and we are in! This is probably why we offer three different approaches to the art form on our menu. Our dark chocolate stout is made with flavor forward ingredients like Wisconsin stout beer (we like New Glarus Coffee Stout) and black cocoa. The House chocolate features extra organic egg yolk and sour cream for a creamy crumb, and Edna Lewis’s Best uses lots of dark chocolate and hot coffee for a deep, old-fashioned chocolate cake experience. Because it’s so moist, Ms. Lewis’s best is not the best for tiered wedding cake design but it may be the best in your belly.

 As we approach Valentine’s Day, better be thinking about your own love language. And if it’s chocolate cake, well, we are likely to have some on offer somewhere in Madison (stay tuned!). Otherwise, you can order one of each right here!