Let's Keep This Valentine's Day Ish in Perspective, Shall We?


Those who know me best know I have a bit of the eternal scrooge about me when it comes to certain “holidays.” Valentines Day is one of those; I’ve always kept the day at arm’s length. Its agenda just seems really limiting and reductive. Am I reading too much into it? Maybe but not really. You already know I care about chocolate, flowers, and the color pink so I’m not a total hater. But I’ve seen friends get genuinely bent out of shape over this overblown, commercialized sap-fest. Because they are single or didn’t get asked out or their partner or spouse forgot some lame-o card or overpriced cellophaned sack of roses…Please do not give this day so much power.

Please keep the bigger picture in mind:  when we act in the service of our best selves, the myriad ways we experience and express love are pretty extraordinary!—it boggles my mind, fills my heart and frankly makes me hella hesitant to get overly hyped about what is essentially a day of transaction when we are ALL always already LOVE. Two-Four-seven-three-six-five. Now, how’s that for sap?! Still true tho.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I just love you more. And if you want it, if you have someone to sit quietly and share it with (including your own best self), I think you should have all the hearts, and a very fine piece of chocolate cake any day of the year.

If you don’t want chocolate cake (weird but ok) here are a few ways to spread the love not dependent on relationship status or commercial transactions or, as one smart writer puts it perfectly, “the tyranny of perfect romance:”

1.    Commit, over the next week or two, to sending three encouraging supportive and loving texts to friends who might need a good word or just to know that someone is thinking about them. Schedule them, with intention, today.

2.    KonMari something. Send it on its way with love and make space for yourself.

3.    Start planning your garden.

4.    Read some poetry. Try this: https://bit.ly/2BomNiE