Early Spring Cake Menu is Up!

Season in a jar. Then on a cake.

Season in a jar. Then on a cake.

One of the most important sources of inspiration at Curtis & Cake is the changing seasons. The seasons help us mark the passage of time and stay mindful of its preciousness. Staying grounded in the earth’s cycles—especially as they manifest exactly where we are—reminds us there is always something new to be learned and celebrated in that which repeats.

Speaking of being mindful, I unplugged a little bit to really be present with my mom when she was visiting me a couple of weeks ago. She’s at a point now where she embraces her afternoon siestas (as should we all) and wanting to stay close but productive, I used that time to try out a few late winter/early spring canning experiments.

Produce available in Wisconsin in the Winter is decidedly un-local—bananas, pineapple, lots of lovely citrus. Since I put up a large batch of bright and tart lemon curd a few weeks ago, I decided to work with the others.

Christine Ferber’s chocolate raspberry jam is now a staple in the Curtis & Cake kitchen. I wanted to explore the brilliance of its underlying concept by trying a chocolate banana jam. Yum. Seriously so good spooned over vanilla ice cream. As everyone knows at this point, I like to bake with booze—may try this jam with a splash of rum next time!

I also made a pineapple jam with vanilla bean and rosemary. Firstly: pineapple has a very “I’m not really feeling this jam thing” attitude. I added apple and plenty of lemon juice but it just didn’t want to set. As a result, I may have over-processed a tad but it still came out golden, sweet and delicious. Perfect for filling cakes. Secondly: Yum. Seriously also so good spooned over vanilla ice cream. I may try this jam with a splash of rum next time.

These jam experiments were active participants in the creation of the early Spring cake menu (scroll down to Seasonal Inspiration). I think the flavor combos are on point and I hope you will try one (or all) of them! They are 8” round, 4 layers, no substitutions, $65 each. Madison pick up always available at the FEED Kitchens. Especially for Easter, best to get orders in now. When those jams are gone, the cakes are gone. Use the inquiry form and let me know what sounds good!


Monica O'Connell