Butter Rum Pound Cake

Simply Southern. Simply Delicious.

Simply Southern. Simply Delicious.

At Curtis & Cake we make handcrafted cakes and sweets inspired by the tastes of the South (and the women who created them). People always ask what’s Southern about C&C. Sometimes its less literal and more about bringing your best to the table—out of respect and with an attitude of service and gratitude I refer to as deep hospitality. Or its about aspiring to Edna Lewis’s grounded and practical approach to seasonality and organic ingredients.

But sometimes it’s very direct. Like Southern ingredients and flavor combinations. I’ll candy pecans in Steen’s cane syrup, for instance, include black sesame where I can in homage to the good luck benne seed, experiment with a burnt sugar syrup (browning) or a salted penuche filling as soon as caramel, and of course I always keep a couple of bags of White Lily on hand.

But the cakes are what you came for! Curtis & Cake centers several iconic Southern cakes in its repertoire: hummingbird, red velvet, coconut (and I’m working on recipes for a caramel and a lane cake). It all started for me though, with a humble pound cake. Is there a cake more Southern than a pound cake? Simple, made with ingredients almost always on hand, endlessly variable, but always so, so good with that creamy, buttery crumb!

 My mom made a delicious pound cake in a beat up old bundt pan (No fancy Nordics for her) and then soaked that bad boy in butter rum syrup. A popular recipe circulated in the ‘70s and 80s that I think was an advertising collabo between Duncan Hines and Bacardi. I don’t know how she adapted it, but my mom’s version was Extra. That rum cake is my madeleine and I am still tinkering with my scratch recipe in the hopes of bringing you the very best rum cake you’ve ever had.

 Believe me, when the time comes (hopefully soon), a butter rum pound and a chocolate whisky pound will be the first items in the Curtis & Cake online shop. I can’t wait to share a (very personal) taste of the South with you!