Summer Cake Menu

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Mid-summer cake flavors are here!

Cakes are kind of magical in that they help us clearly and joyfully mark our most important life events and our daily celebrations. I love leveraging that magic on your behalf and dreaming up and creating cakes perfect for any occasion is part of that.

Of course our Wisconsin seasons are something to be celebrated as well and I try to mark them with a set of cakes you might like to eat right now.

Some business owners imagine avatars as a way of honing in on desire and direction. I imagine ‘cake scenarios.’ I hope you’ll indulge my whimsy as I share a couple by way of describing the current roster of seasonal cakes. You’ll make your own scenarios natch, and they’ll be even better.

Almond frangipane with rhubarb elderflower jam and almond streusel:

See also friendship cake, picnic cake, coffee cake, tea cake.

So moist and fragrant with almond, no icing needed. Tart rhubarb cuts through the nutty perfume. Good traveler. You and your sweetheart ride bikes out to a hill by the lake. You find a shady spot under a tall oak, lay out the blanket and unpack the basket. You have salty ham and butter on baguette and rose and then thick slabs of this cake, laughing as bits of streusel fall off your napkin onto the warm ground.

The Southerner: Kentucky butter cake, saffron peach jam, bourbon brown sugar buttercream, smoked salt

Scenario: You could have ordered this without the salt but you decided to trust Monica. Now, after cooking out burgers, eating deviled eggs, and drinking too many Modelos with your neighbors, you bring out pints of buttermilk ice cream and The Southerner. Everyone has a slice and then tells you what a genius you are. You love your friends.

Pistachio cake, Wisconsin strawberry jam, vanilla bean buttercream, sugared garden basil

See also: farm to table, warm summer breeze

Fresh pistachios make a nutty, buttery and tender cake, those ruby red, sweet as candy Wisconsin strawberries make beautiful jam, basil adds an herby, summery depth. OK. Bear with me here. Remember Fiver, the sensitive younger rabbit brother in Watership Down? I just feel this is a cake he would share with his woodland friends after a leisurely late afternoon watercress silflay.

Gluten free lemon cake, strawberry rose jam, buttermilk buttercream

Tender, bright, and summery. A savvy baby shower hostess skips the gender reveal cake and goes for a sunny, botanical lemon-themed event. We decide to decorate the cake with rounds of dried lemon and rosemary. Everyone can eat the cake. Also, it’s twins!

Don’t forget to order (you can use the inquiry form here) and don’t forget to share your cake occasions with me!

Monica O'Connell