Four Things Your Wedding Baker Would Like You to Consider

watercolor effect wedding cake handmade sugar roses.jpeg

1. Book early!

The wedding blogs generally seem to encourage this up to a point but in my experience, the advice is rarely put into practice. In fact, clients often book their baker last, leaving these details for 2-4 months out from their big day, sometimes less. Of course the dress comes early on, the venue gets booked right away, and so on with the photographer and even the caterer. But here’s the thing. Nothing in your wedding will symbolize more powerfully than a gorgeous cake thoughtfully made, the ephemeral beauty of the present moment. Diamonds are forever, the dress will hang in your closet, but the cake was designed to bring our focus in to the Now. It’s a reminder of the gratitude and joyful celebration you might imagine bringing to each unguaranteed moment of your lives together. Big stuff. 

Here’s the other thing. My part of the world (Madison and South Eastern Wisconsin) is home to a wealth of amazing pastry and cake artists. Many of the most talented and interesting are solopreeurs or small shops without the workforce and capacity of the big storefronts. These places book fast. Cake matters. Don’t run the risk of not getting the baking professional you want because some magazine said it was ok to wait until a few months out.

2. No Ghosting!

Maybe we’ve had an initial phone consultation or you’ve completed a questionnaire sharing some of your vision for your special day. Maybe we’ve scheduled time to meet in person to discuss flavor or design ideas. Maybe I’ve baked a tasting sampler just for you or sent along a proposal. You may have even received a contract. Through each stage of the process, we are glad for the chance to learn more about you and your excitement becomes ours. We put good time, thought, and energy into developing ideas that will make you and your guests happiest. We know you are talking with many different vendors and we know you have a lot on your plate, and—importantly—we sincerely want you to find the right fit for your event. SO if you change your mind or decide to go in a different direction and for whatever reason decide we are not the best match for you just let us know!  Please don’t simply ghost on us! This way, we’ll know the process has been resolved. We sleep at night, we can move on and we won’t bug you with hella follow-up emails.

3. Good Ingredients Are Worth It

You’re old enough to get married so you probably know this already, but there are different kinds of cake. I’m not talking chocolate v. vanilla or buttercream v. ganache—although those are excellent topics of conversation. I’m talking about a cake continuum with those made cheaply, quickly, and on a mass scale at one end, and those made slowly, thoughtfully, on a human scale at the other. The former tends to rely on artificial flavors, shortening and other stabilizers, mass-farmed eggs, and sugar as the dominant (or maybe only) flavor note. The latter, well you know: fresh organic butter and eggs, seasonal fruits, high quality dark chocolate, not too sweet, flavor-forward, baked to order. The factors that influence where you might ultimately land on the spectrum run the gamut from budget to palate. So no foodie lecture here. Good ingredients are more expensive and the cakes that use them are too. However. To the extent possible, I urge you to seek out bakers making cakes at that “Capital Q for Quality” end of the spectrum. The difference will likely be extraordinary---absolutely appropriate for an extraordinary day.

4. Trust Us (AKA Don’t Be Afraid to Step Away From the Pinterest Board)

This is your big (BIG) day. Yes, you are committing to the love of your life before friends, family, and the rest of the world. AND… this may be the biggest, most beautiful, funnest (insert superlative of your choice) party you’ll ever throw. You want it perfect down to the detail and don’t want to leave room for error—we get it!

As professionals, regardless of where and how we trained, our job and desire is to make you happy. We will work hard to match the overall mood and aesthetic of your board. We will honor your palette and pantone dreams as best we can, and happily take design cues from the cakes you’ve posted. If your cake idea is clearly something outside of or beyond our wheelhouse, we will be upfront about it. But not only is each baker’s hand and approach a little different (so that even if we wanted to, we couldn’t copy a pinterest cake exactly),  but part of our gift to you IS the unique skillset, creativity and vision we can bring to your wedding sweets. Give us some guidance, build out the scene, and then let us share and showcase a little of our special talent. It’s our way of saying congratulations, may your life together be filled with perfect details and moments of unexpected delight!


AdviceMonica O'Connell