Curtis & Cake works with the highest quality ingredients possible (including organic eggs and butter and non-GMO flour) and always with an eye towards the seasons and Wisconsin’s local bounty. Our cakes are not too sweet but instead let flavor shine. 



Dark chocolate stout

Made with extra-dark cocoa powder and Wisconsin dark beer, this is a deep, chocolatey favorite!

Edna Lewis’s Best Chocolate

Incredibly moist, old-fashioned chocolate goodness.

Southern Lemon:

Tender cake brightened with lemon oil and fresh zest.

Red Velvet

Can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate? Try this Southern classic.


Made with organic coconut milk and cream.

Fragrant vanilla

Surprisingly flavorful with a tender crumb.

Butter cake

This cake is rich with egg and butter; almost pound-like.


A Southern icon. Banana, pineapple, spice. Pecans optional.


No bright green weirdness here. Just subtle, buttery nuttiness from freshly ground pistachios.


Tender, with a blend of almond, cake, and all purpose flours

Rum Butter Bundt

My scratch version of my mom’s famous cake. 

Cleora Butler’s $100 cake

 A light mocha


Where inspiration takes me!

*Limited gluten-free options are available.

Organic Butter Buttercream

The standard C&C buttercream is made with whole eggs, butter, and sugar for a silky mouth feel and rich flavor. Italian Meringue buttercream, lighter in texture and color from egg whites only, is also available.

  • Vanilla BeaN

  • Chocolate

  • Lemon

  • Buttermilk

  • Cream or goat cheese

  • Rose SCENTED

  • orange blossom scented

  • Espresso

  • Matcha

  • Chai


  • House made lemon curd

  • Jam (raspberry; raspberry rose; apricot; plum; cherry)

  • House made salted caramel

  • White or dark chocolate ganache

* Seasonal Housemade Jams as available