Curtis and Cake
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Seasonal Inspiration

The Curtis & Cake menu is driven by the seasons, local discoveries, curiosity and ongoing recipe development. It continues to evolve. I’ll share new discoveries and seasonal combinations as they arise. The current seasonal menu is listed below:

Early Spring CAKE Menu (8”, $65):

Hummingbird cake, pineapple jam with vanilla bean and rosemary, caramelized white chocolate buttercream

Lemon poppy seed cake, strawberry hibiscus jam, lemon curd

Cardamom coffee cake, dark chocolate banana jam, vanilla bean buttercream, hazelnut banana chip halo

The Easter Egg: Malted chocolate cake, raspberry jam, malted milk crumb, vanilla bean buttercream, milk chocolate robin eggs

House Made fillings currently available:

dark chocolate banana jam; lemon curd; pineapple jam with vanilla bean and rosemary; plum jam with black tea; strawberry guava jam; strawberry hibiscus jam